Welcome to Full Potential Psychology, a unique psychology clinic. We have created Legend Land, our Minecraft Therapy World to make therapy fun, concrete and easy to understand, and bring the play element of therapy to the online space. Legend Land is played with a registered psychologist with a video and audio connection. Legend Land was started with the mission of supporting neurodiverse people and has since expanded to treat a range of conditions in the wonderful world of Minecraft.

Full Potential Psychology offers a groundbreaking therapy has been recognised in the Healthtimes and our recent Interview with the magnificent team at 11News.

Why Legend Land?

Full Potential Psychology


Treatment is provided by a highly experienced Full Potential Registered Psychologist.

Interactive Experience

Video and audio connection between the client and psychologist while their characters are in game interacting.

Supporting Neurodiverse People

We specialise in supporting neurodiverse people and their families.

Gamified Therapy

We use gamified cognitive behaviour therapy and acceptance commitment therapy session activities to bring therapy to life.

Full Potential Psychology

Meeting People in Where They Are

Harnessing the power of passion and interest from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Bringing the Element of Play to the Online Therapeutic Space

How Legend Land Helps

Understanding & Managing Emotions

Learn to identify and effectively manage emotions, including strategies for emotional regulation and enhanced emotional wellbeing.

Supporting Positive Thinking

Gain insight into thinking styles, challenge negative thoughts, and identify unhelpful beliefs.

Friendships & Social Skills

Develop valuable friendship building skills, improve communication, and understand the various relationship types and dynamics.

Identity & Self-Esteem

Explore your values, unique qualities, and strengths, fostering a positive self-image and building self-esteem to thrive in the world.

We are accepting new clients for the following locations: NSW and QLD.