Welcome to our unique psychology clinic. Legend Land, our Minecraft Therapy World makes therapy fun. A Legend Land Telehealth Psychologist brings evidence-based activities to life in an interactive and easy to understand way for children as young as 6 years old. Our therapy is designed to treat children and adolescents with autism spectrum conditions as well as neurodevelopment disorders using the games Minecraft.

Our unique therapy has been recognised in the Healthtimes and our recent Interview with the magnificent team at 11News.

Hello Legend!

I’m Mojo the Mindful, the Great Wizard of Legend Land.

I work with your psychologist to help guide you on your journey through Legend Land and Life.

Legend Land makes Therapy Fun.

We can help with a number of areas including, but not limited to:

Understanding and Managing Emotions and Behaviour
Travel Back in Time with Mojo to Learn About the Survival Response; Fight, Flight and Freeze
Making Friends, Social Skills and Understanding Relationships
Improve Self-Esteem, Identity and understanding what is Important to You
Flexibility in thinking and Play
Controlling Sticky or Racing Thoughts and Understanding where they come from

Hi I’m Pigzy,

I live in Legend Land and can’t wait for you to come fly with me and your psychologist.
Each visit to Legend Land begins on Zoom with your psychologist to say hello and see how you have been going. Then you both come come join us in Legend Land.

There are lots of different games that help me with anxiety, racing thoughts and strong emotions.

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