About Full Potential Psychology

Full Potential Psychology was started with the vision of making therapy fun, removing the barriers to people accessing treatment, destigmatising mental health and the expression of emotions. Legend Land makes therapy fun and brings the evidence based session activities to life in an interactive, concrete and easy to understand way. Legend Land was initially designed to treat autism spectrum conditions and neurodevelopmental disorders. Since then it has been to support the development of emotional regulation, social skills, flexibility in thinking, confidence and self-esteem. You can find further information on how Legend Land can help you and your family. 

When you enter our unique clinic you will also be entering the wonderful world of Legend Land, our therapy world that was created using Minecraft. Legend Land is used to break down barriers to people receiving treatment and makes therapy fun. It has effectively engaged children in rural and remote locations via telehealth, people who have difficulty leaving the home or who find engaging in typical therapy difficult or confronting.

We have a great team of psychologists, game developers and administrators that help bring Legend Land to life.

Meet the Team

Clinic Director & Clinical Psychologist
Creative Director of Game Development
BPsych, MPsych (Clin), MAPS

Luke Blackwood is the founding Clinical Psychologist at Full Potential Psychology and the creator of Legend Land, the Minecraft therapy world. Luke has the mission of making therapy fun, removing the barriers to people accessing treatment and destigmatising mental health and the expression of emotions.

Luke is the founding Clinical Psychologist at Full Potential Psychology and the creator of Legend Land, the Minecraft therapy world. Luke has the mission of making therapy fun, removing the barriers to people accessing treatment and destigmatising mental health and the expression of emotions.

Luke takes a creative, engaging approach to therapy and has worked in a number of different areas including private practice, non-government organisations, youth detention centres, acute inpatient units, and schools. Luke works effectively with a variety of conditions and specialises in autism spectrum conditions, conduct disorder, ADHD, trauma, depression, anxiety, adjustment, and mood disorders. Luke sees the importance of working with the system around the child and works with families, schools, and the broader network to help the child reach their full potential.

Luke spends his time as Creative Director adapting the evidence-based interventions he uses when face to face with a client into fun, interactive minigames that bring the sessions to life in game. When Luke is not designing games, flying Pigzy around Legend Land, or being photobombed by his Minecraft character, you find him rock climbing, stretching on a yoga mat or at the beach.

Registered Psychologist
BPsych (Hons), PGDip (Applied Psychology), PhD

Dr Nicole Lees is a registered psychologist, Legend Land therapist and, in addition to coming up with cool, new skins for her therapist avatar, she offers a PhD in psychology and over 20 years combined academic and clinical experience.

Nicole has managed developmental surveillance research that examined early detection of neurodiversity, and she is trained in autism-specific early intervention therapies. She has a diverse clinical background and has worked in areas including general practice, out of home care, parenting programs, family and domestic violence, educational settings, and crisis triage. Nicole has worked with people of all ages, including supporting children and adolescents, and their families, in the contexts of neurodiversity, mental health and trauma.

The part of therapy that Nicole loves most is discovering creative ways to incorporate the unique interests and strengths of the individual child into playful activities that provide opportunities for them to learn new things, cope better, make more sense of the social scene and find new ways of being in the world with others – at their own pace. Nicole looks forward to meeting you in Legend Land, and supporting you and your family to enjoy life even more.

Clinical Psychology Registrar
B.Psy.Sci (Hons), M.Clin.Psy

Dom Sabrus is a registered psychologist and Clinical Psychology Registrar. Dom comes to being a new Legend from a mixed background that includes government, with Child and Youth Mental Health Services (CYMHS), Headspace, and in a private practice setting.

He works well with clients right across the lifespan, but particularly enjoys working with young people in a positive and affirming way. He has experience working with anger and emotional dysregulation, anxiety and depression, self-esteem and identity-related concerns, and challenging life transitions. He also has experience with testing and assessment, including cognitive and achievement testing, memory, and attention, and has experience with the diagnostic processes for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Dom has a passion for serving marginalised populations and populations who face barriers to accessing mainstream services, such as people living in regional, rural, and remote settings in Australia. Dom’s research focus has been on the diverse experiences of at-risk populations who face barriers to engaging wholly with traditional therapies and health professionals.

Dom’s current research projects examines the role of gender and masculinity in non-urban men and boys, as well as attitudes toward seeking psychological support and barriers unique to regional, rural, and remote populations.

Dom has a specific interest working with sexual and gender diversity and in working with men’s issues in psychology, acknowledging the specific social and cultural factors that shape the lives of men and boys. 

Dom has more years’ experience playing computer games than he wishes to disclose publicly and is looking forward to putting his experiences as a Gamer and a Psychologist together to create a fun-based-therapy experience for the new Legends in Legend Land.

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

Manda Isac is a registered psychologist with previous experience as a school psychologist in both primary and secondary schools, headspace and private practice. She is passionate about working with children, adolescents and their families in a collaborative, positive and fun way. 

Manda also has experience in conducting cognitive and achievement testing.

With her experience in the school system, she is familiar with communicating with schools and other health care providers to provide a holistic, collaborative plan to support young people reach their goals.

Manda is looking forward to meeting you in Legend Land!

Office Administrator
Graduate Certificate Project Management and Diploma of Business

Mel is an experienced administrator that has worked in the field of administration across multiple sectors including Tertiary Education and Healthcare for over 20 years.

In recent years, adding Website and Graphic design as well as Telehealth Administration to her skills.

Mel enjoys spending time with her husband and 11 year old son and we love to travel around Australia going to places we have never been.


Kim is a Software Engineer, Game Designer, Programmer and Machine Learning enthusiast. Kim takes a creative approach to bringing Legend Land to life and developing unique items like the SuperMagicFunBlock. He spends his spare time working on cars, studying machine learning and neurodiversity.

Kim is passionate about his work in Legend Land and has the goal of de-stigmatising mental health and helping whoever he can, regardless of their view of therapy or location.

Kim’s interest in Artificial Intelligence has led to the development of several programs for personal use that can help him find music, art and gameplay ideas. Kim is looking forward to applying his learning and ideas to future Legend Land products.

His trusty cat Cody sleeps in a basket on his desk while he works and when he isn’t working, he loves to take his pet snakes “Banana” and “Lilly” out for walks and teaching people about his scaly friends.


Zaviar arrived in Land with over 5 years’ experience designing and building Minecraft servers and other game platforms. He has a particular interest in creating the buildings, terrain and other weird and wonderful structures that can be found in Legend Land. When developing software, his main focus is on the ’front-end’ which is what the player can see and strives to make the game clear, interactive and easy to use

Zaviar’s mission is to help create a fun, interactive therapy world that can reach anyone regardless of their background, geographic region or view of therapy.

When Zaviar isn’t surfing the web you can find him surfing some waves with friends or playing with his cat Karupin that is always full of energy and looking for fun.