Get ready to explore some of the quests that help identify and manage emotions!

The Brain

Yes, we have a giant, interactive brain!

Discover our giant, interactive brain, home to characters like Barry the Brainstem, Franki the Frontal Lobe, and Amy the Amygdala.

Experience the "flip your lid" switch, simulating how stress affects our ability to think and control emotions.

Dive deep into how emotions impact our brain's processing and learn to navigate the complexities of sensory sensitivity.

The Time Traveller

Are you ready to go back in time? The Time Machine is about to take off!

Travel back in time to understand the historical function of anxiety and the fight, flight, and freeze survival responses.

Identify your primary survival response and see how it adapts across different scenarios.

Help a tribe and rescue Pigzy from wolves, mastering your survival response to help both yourself and others.

The Police Station

Did you know that your body gives emotional clues? Let’s uncover them at the Police Station

Become an emotional detective at the Police Station, where body signals reveal the clues about emotions.

Learn to recognise the body clues of happiness, sadness, anxiety, and anger.

Understand & Unlock

Get ready to explore the puzzle towers and learn your triggers.

Identify triggers for different emotions such as happiness, sadness, anxiety, or anger.

Explore the concept of scaling triggers and emotional responses.

Tricks to Feel Good & The Legend Land Cup

Learn relaxation strategies in style!

Learn relaxation strategies such as deep breathing, distractions, mindfulness, talking to someone and movement.

Discover your sensory profile and its influence on effective relaxation techniques.

Engage in high-speed pig racing, applying real-time emotional monitoring for a thrilling yet educational experience.