Most frequent questions and answers

Telehealth is often called “Skype Therapy” or “Video Therapy”.  Telehealth delivers health services via technologies such as laptops and tablets to people independently in their own homes and local communities, wherever they may be.

Clients on self and plan managed NDIS packages are eligible for telehealth services across Australia. 

From 2017 the Australian government allowed people living in rural and remote Australia to claim telehealth sessions under the Better Access Scheme. This allows you to receive a $124.50 rebate per session. It is important to note that anyone can access this services but may not be eligible for the rebate. See if you are eligible at our eligibility section below.

  1. To reduce barriers to accessing health services. This often includes things like living in a remote community, mobility issues or difficulty leaving the house, not being able to take time off work or looking after dependent people.
  2. To protect your privacy. We understand that rural and remote communities can be tight and maintaining confidentiality can be difficult. Telehealth offers a confidential alternative in the comfort of your home.
  3. To save Australians time and money associated with travel and taking time off work.
  4. To reduce the wait times for Australians accessing support.

People on NDIS self or plan managed funds are eligible for a rebate anywhere in Australia. However, we are not a registered NDIS provider and cannot accept agency managed referrals. 

People live in rural and remote communities are eligible for a Medicare rebate of $124.50 per session with a registered clinical psychologist under the governments Better Access scheme. People in metropolitan areas will be required to pay the full fee.

The Australian government uses the Modified Monash Model (MMM) to classify the level of remoteness of a particular location with regions with a score between 4 – 7 being considered eligible. Click here to get in contact with us or use the map below to determine if you are eligible.

The  cost of a standard session is $220 but eligible clients will receive a $124.50 rebate under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) for up to 10 sessions per year. This brings the out of pocket cost to $95.50 per session. At our discretion,  we may be able to offer a reduced fee service. Please contact us to discuss.

Clients on self or plan managed NDIS packages may be eligible for a full rebate or be required to pay a gap of $5.39 depending on their geographic location within Australia. 

We use a low bandwidth provider which will work with most internet connections. We can discuss this at the initial contact and make sure it will work for you before you have a session or are required to pay any fees. 

Services can be provided to FIFO workers but they can only claim the medicare rebate if they are in a rural or remote zone at the time of service. See the ‘Am I Eligible’ FAQ for information on eligible zones.

All of our software is encrypted to protect your privacy. We use an encrypted software program called Zoom  which is designed for health video consulting. You can access our privacy policy here if you require further information.

All correspondence such as invoices are also encrypted but able to be opened by any regular email.