How Legend Land Helps​

Understanding and Managing Emotions and Behaviour

The ability to label emotions in yourself and others is the cornerstone for emotional regulation.

Legend Land helps people to understand, identify and manage their emotions which can help with a number of areas including: anxiety, anger and aggression, depression, stress, adjustment demand avoidance and oppositional behaviour.

Travel Back in Time to Learn About the Fight, Flight and Freeze Responses

Join us at Legend Land’s Time Machine to travel back to learn about the fight, flight and freeze or ‘survival mode’.

We can explore The Brain and meet Barry the Brainstem, Amy the Amygdala, Franki the Frontal Lobe and many more characters.

They will show us what happens when our brain goes into survival mode and the effect this has on our emotions, thinking and decision making, and sensory experience.

How Legend Land Helps
We offer evidence based parenting strategies to help you support your child in a number of areas such as;
Improve Self-Esteem and Identity

Would you like to travel with us to Identity Island?

The ship is about to set sail to learn what is important to you and all of the things that you are great at.

Being confident in yourself can be hard and take time develop but Pigzy, Mojo and your psychologist are here to help. Let’s set sail Legend!

Flexibility in Thinking and Play

Flexibility in thinking and play can be difficult for a lot of people.

Legend Land can help with trying new things and playing with other people.

There are lots of fun activities to do in Flatworld and see if you can learn it’s secret.

Understanding and Managing Tricky and Racing Thoughts

Sometimes Pigzy and Mojo’s thoughts start racing really fast or they get stuck on one thing which might make them anxious, angry or sad.

We call these sticky thoughts.

Once you have battled the worry demon you can travel deep into the mountain to learn about your sticky thoughts and how to challenge them with Legendary or Happy thoughts.