June 10, 2021

Legend Land therapy game takes Autistic children inside their own brain

Luke Interviewed by 11 News

Luke Interviewed by 11 News

Luke Blackwood, Clinic Director of  Full Potential Psychology is Interviewed by 11 News

Thank you to Christy Jones and all the Legends at 11 News for the interview.
It was great showing you around Legend Land and sharing how our Minecraft therapy world has been helping to make therapy fun. 
Legend Land is a place where wizards, dinosaurs and flying pigs come together to help transform the lives of children with autism spectrum conditions. Watch as Clinical Psychologist Luke Blackwood takes 11News on a tour of the new game he has created, based on Minecraft. Children enter Legend Land with their psychologist via video link and learn about things like emotions, social skills, self-esteem and thought patterns.
Watch the interview to see a sneak peak of Legend Land and how it is used to Make Therapy Fun!

Luke Interviewed by 11 News