Legend Land

Legend Land is an engaging Minecraft Therapy World that revolutionises therapy by incorporating play and fun into the online therapeutic space. Created by a dedicated team of clinical psychologists, game developers, and inspired by the valuable feedback from the individuals we support, Legend Land offers a unique therapeutic experience.

Within Legend Land, you will find a main world filled with a diverse range of engaging therapeutic activities, as well as a series of interconnected worlds known as quests. With over 30 activities and quests to explore, Legend Land provides a wealth of opportunities for growth and healing. Let’s delve into some of these activities and quests and discover how they could benefit you.


Legend Land facilitates understanding and managing emotions through quests and activities that explore the role of emotions, their bodily sensations, interactions with thoughts and behaviours, and identification of triggers and strategies. It also synergises with other treatment areas, like promoting positive thinking, to support children’s emotional well-being.

Explore the Different areas of the Brain and Learn What Happens When the Fight, Flight or Freeze Response is Triggered.

Yes, we have a giant brain! When venturing into the brain, you witness first hand how flight, fight, or freeze responses impact different brain areas. Learn about the concept of “flipping your lid,” survival responses, and brain development within the context of the neurosequential model of therapeutics. This immersive experience enhances their comprehension of how emotions can influence information processing and sensory sensitivity, empowering them to better understand and manage their own emotions and so much more!

Understanding the Historical Function of Anxiety and the Fight, Flight, and Freeze Response in Ensuring Ancestral Survival.

The Time Machine is ready for takeoff! Are you? Embark on a journey through time as you delve into the fascinating world of the fight, flight, and freeze response but be careful. There may be something lurking in the jungles that triggers the response in game in a safe, controlled way. That won’t stop you from continuing on to help a tribe understand their survival responses while learning about your own.

Learn How Different Emotions Feel in the Body.

Police look for clues, and at Legend Lands Police Station we look for clues on how emotions feel in the body. This activity provides insight into how emotions manifest in the body or ‘body signals’ that are associated with different emotions such as happiness, sadness, anxiety or anger.

Identifying Triggers Associated with Different Emotions such as Happiness, Sadness, Anxiety or Anger.

Dive into the whirlpool and immerse yourself in the minds of the citizens of Legend Land. Your mission is to help these characters understand the triggers that impact their emotions and unlock the next level of the puzzle tower. As you ascend the tower, the intensity of triggers and emotional responses heightens. Along the way, you’ll identify your own small, medium, and big triggers for each emotion while assisting the characters in their journey.

Identifying Relaxation Strategies while Considering Self-Monitoring you Emotional State and Sensory Profile

Looking for an adventure that combines relaxation strategies with high-speed pig racing? Look no further! These quests focus on the different tricks to feel good or relaxation strategies that centre around deep breathing, distractions, mindfulness, talking to someone and movement. The Legend Land Cup focuses on monitoring emotional state in real time and using strategies, while the Tricks to Feel Good focuses on the sensory profile.

Supporting Positive Thinking

Legend Land supports positive thinking by promoting an understanding of thoughts’ influence on well-being, exploring unhelpful thinking styles, identifying and challenging thoughts, and uncovering core beliefs for thought pattern transformation at the Courthouse.

Understanding the Link Between Thoughts, Emotions, Physiology (Body) and Behaviour

Get ready for an adventure with Pigzy, our flying pig, as we journey to the Islands of Experience! We’ll begin on the Situation Island, where you’ll interact with fellow characters trying to understand their situation. From there, we’ll soar through the different Islands – Thoughts, Emotions, Body, and Behavior to analyse the situation, gaining a deeper understanding of how these components interconnect.

Thought Challenging and Introducing Assumptions (Intermittent Beliefs)

Each character is caught in an unhelpful thinking style, such as creating rigid rules or unrealistic expectations. These thought traps stem from intermittent beliefs that have trapped their thinking. For instance, the Intermittent Belief that “If I’m not the best, I have failed.” Your task is to navigate through these thought traps, wielding your bow to shoot down unhelpful thoughts, while also identifying and challenging your own unhelpful thinking patterns.

Exploring Thoughts, Assumptions, and Core Beliefs

Embark on a voyage to an Iceberg situated off the coast of Legend Land, where we will delve deep to unearth the assumptions and core beliefs hidden beneath the surface thoughts. Join the familiar characters from the “Noticing Mind & Body” and “Escaping Thought Traps” quests as we dig deep into the depths of our consciousness, uncovering core beliefs for example, “I’m not good enough” or “I must be perfect”, that shape unhelpful thoughts.

Challenging Thoughts and Core Beliefs

Are you ready to bring your thoughts and core beliefs to trial? Step into the Courthouse and take on the role of the judge, as you examine the accuracy and helpfulness of your beliefs. Deliberate and cast your verdict, determining whether a belief or thought should stand or be replaced with a new perspective. This quest is particularly beneficial after completing the Digging Deep quest and uncovering core beliefs.

Friendships & Social Skills

Legend Land provides a fun and safe environment to practise social skills and engage in social learning. Our dedicated quests focus on understanding diverse relationship types and adjusting behaviours accordingly. Additionally, our versatile play areas and unique features empower psychologists to create personalised social scenarios and skits, catering to the specific needs of each individual.

Understanding Different Relationships and Adjusting Greetings and Activities Based on the Relationship

Return to Ames Island and embark on a journey through Social City, reconnecting with familiar faces you haven’t seen in a while. Each person has a different relationship to you, engage in greetings and suggest activities to do together that are tailored to the specific relationships, allowing you to practise and enhance your social skills. Throughout your adventure, an Allay companion accompanies you, offering additional context for social interactions and providing feedback based on your responses.

Developing Social Skills in a Fun and Flexible Way

Discover our unique feature that empowers psychologists to create diverse characters, situations, and environments to illustrate social scenarios. This interactive tool is ideal for social learning, providing the flexibility to customise interventions to suit your specific needs in a concrete, enjoyable, and easily comprehensible manner.

Identity & Self-Esteem

Legend Land helps you identify your values, traits, and strengths to improve self-esteem, set goals, and engage in value driven action.

Legend Land uses a range of interactive activities and quests to help you discover their core values, unique traits, and personal strengths. By gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, you can cultivate a positive self-image and set meaningful goals aligned with your values. With a focus on value-driven action, Legend Land provides a supportive environment for children to develop their self-esteem and embrace their wonderful, authentic selves.

Identifying Values and Traits

Embark on an exciting journey as you set sail to Identity Island, where two paths await you: values or traits. Throughout the quest, you will delve into the various components of identity. This exploration can offer insights into what truly matters to them, their strengths and supports setting meaningful goals for personal growth.

Encouraging Acts of Kindness, Social Skills, and Perspective Taking

Would you like to leave a lasting legacy in The Hall of Legends? Individuals who embody the values of Legend Land in their everyday lives – being mindful, flexible, kind, and making good choices – have the opportunity to select a publicly available character appearance and be immortalised in the game!

This unique feature promotes the application of skills learned within the game to real-world scenarios, fostering personal growth and self-esteem. Additionally, we delve into the essence of being a Legend, emphasising the importance of kindness and exemplifying Legendary behaviour.

What to Expect

The initial session starts with a Zoom meeting between the parent or guardian and the psychologist to gather background information and set goals during the intake assessment. Please note that this session is not conducted in Legend Land.

This session begins by checking in via Zoom, we then pin Zoom over the top of Minecraft so we can still see and speak to each other while our characters are interacting in the game.

Our adventure begins at the house of Mojo the Mindful, the Great Wizard of Legend Land. Together, we will embark on a tour of Legend Land, exploring its various structures and understanding how they can assist in the therapeutic journey. This session is focused on building rapport, setting goals, and gaining insight into what to anticipate in future treatment sessions.

Subsequent treatment sessions will leverage the therapeutic quests, activities, and flexible areas available within Legend Land. The specific approach will be tailored to each individual’s unique circumstances and goals.