What is Legend Land?

Legend Land is a Minecraft Therapy World that revolutionises therapy through interactive gamification, bringing the elements of fun, play and passion into the online therapeutic space. Created by a dedicated team of clinical psychologists, game developers, and inspired by the valuable feedback from the individuals we support, Legend Land offers a unique therapeutic experience.

How Legend Land Works

Gamified Therapy

We use gamified cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and acceptance commitment therapy (CT) session activities to bring therapy to life.

Qualified Therapists

Treatment is provided by a highly experienced, registered psychologist in the therapy game

Telehealth Solution

All treatment is provided via telehealth. Meet online from the comfort of your home.

Get Connected

Video and audio connection between the client and psychologist while their characters are in game interacting.

Therapy Made Fun

We have a passion harnessing a child’s interests and the power of play to make therapy fun, concrete, and easy to understand.

Parent Sessions

We offer parent sessions to support your child’s treatment.

How Legend Land Helps


Recognising Emotions

Embark on a journey within our giant, interactive brain to learn about emotions. Discover how to identify emotions through body signals and clues.

Survival Responses

Explore the critical role of emotions in survival, delving into the fight, flight, and freeze responses.

Warning Signs, Triggers & Strategies

Gain insights into the warning signs of different emotions, understand potential triggers, and master strategies to navigate and calm these emotions effectively.

Positive Thinking

Noticing Thoughts

Notice thoughts and their influence on emotions, behaviour, and body.

Understanding Thinking Styles

Identifying unhelpful thinking styles and their impact on emotions and wellbeing.

Put Thoughts & Beliefs on Trial

Put unhelpful and inaccurate thoughts or beliefs on trial at the Courthouse.

Friends & Relationships

Understanding Relationships

Delve into the dynamics of various relationships and learn to tailor your behaviour.

Experiential Social Learning

Use versatile play areas and activities to practice and role play different social scenarios and skits.

Communication Styles

Understand and use different communication styles such as assertive communication.

Identity & Self-Esteem

Exploring Values & Traits

Come on a journey of self-discovery, understanding and embracing your unique values and traits.

Value Directed Action

Use your values like a compass to set goals and guide action.

Strength Focused

Identifying and amplifying your strengths, fostering personal growth and resilience.

Funding Options

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