Reaching all Australians

How it Works

Millennial support hotline worker with laptop and headphones at workplace

At Full Potential Psychology, we believe that neither you postcode or your level of mobility should not affect your ability to access high quality mental health care. That’s why we are offer video conferencing, which is commonly referred to as ‘Skype counselling’ or ‘telehealth’. We only use high quality software that will work with slow internet speeds and is secure with encryption software. 

For further information on video conferencing, please refer to our frequently asked questions. 

We use the program Zoom for Videoconferencing

Zoom uses the latest videoconferencing technology that allows you to connect with your psychologist on a secure platform. You can download Zoom for free here https://zoom.us/signup.  

Your privacy is our priority.

All of of our software is encrypted to protect your privacy. All correspondence such as letters and invoices are also encrypted but able to be opened by any email.