Positive Thinking

Are you ready to go on an adventure to learn about your thinking and beliefs? I’d love to show you some of the Legend Lands quests dedicated to this very topic.

Noticing Mind & Body

Get ready for an adventure with Pigzy, our flying pig, as we fly to the Islands of Experience!

Understanding the link between thoughts, emotions, physiology (body) and behaviour.

Analyse a challenging situation by visiting each island—Thoughts, Emotions, Body, and Behaviour —to gain a comprehensive understanding of their interconnectedness.

Learn with the characters to provide examples and scaffold learning.

Escaping Thought Traps

The other Legends in Training are stuck in thought traps and need your help!

Learn about thinking styles that lead to lots of unhelpful thoughts such as catastrophising, creating rigid rules or unrealistic expectations for yourself or others.

Master the art of challenging negative thoughts with our custom bow, The Challenger.

Introduce the concept of assumptions as creating and driving thoughts and thinking styles.

Digging Deep

What could be behind these thoughts? All aboard the ship travelling to the Iceberg off the coast of Legend Land where we will Dig Deep and uncover the source.

Embark on a deep dive to uncover the assumptions and core beliefs beneath surface thoughts.

Join forces with characters from previous quests to explore the roots of unhelpful thinking, revealing core beliefs that shape our perceptions and reactions.

The Courthouse

Step into the Courthouse and take on the role of the judge, as you examine the accuracy and helpfulness of your thoughts and beliefs.

Challenge and evaluate your unhelpful and inaccurate thoughts and core beliefs, putting them on trial.

Examine the evidence and cast your verdict.

Deliberate, and render a verdict, paving the way for adopting more accurate and constructive thoughts or beliefs.