Hello Legend. This page is here to teach how Legend Land works can help you and your family in real life!

Luke, Kim and Zaviar were flying around Legend Land on some Pigs and explaining the game.

Do you want to see it?

Visit Minecraft Legend Land by connecting with your psychologist via video first using Zoom on your computer from home. This way you can see and talk to each other while you play and learn. Mojo will meet you when you arrive in Legend Land and tell you the three Laws;

  1. We have fun
  2. We learn
  3. We stick together

This lets us have fun and travel together all over Legend Land to places like the Iceberg at the edge of Legend Land, learn our ticks to feel good and even transform the Worry Demon. There are three values in Legend Land which can help us to know what is important:

  1. Being mindful
  2. Being flexible
  3. Being kind

When you set your mission in game with Mojo and show these values in real life you can be added to the Hall of Legends and have your own statue in the game! These statues are made using Minecraft ‘skins’ or character appearances that are available to everyone but don’t show your name.

Legends can show the values of being mindful by using their tricks to feel good when they become worried, angry or sad. Being flexible will be different for everyone but could involve trying something new or doing something someone else’s way. Acts of kindness are the most important part of becoming a Legend. You can try doing something nice for someone or show gratitude for other people without expecting anything in return.

There is so much more to show you. I hope to see you in Legend Land soon’. ‘There is so much more to show you, would you like to learn how Legend Land can help your family?’.