What to Expect

We know starting a new program can be challenging for some children, and knowing what to expect can help. Download our Legend Land Social Story How to Play and What to Expect to help, or watch it here.

Session 1

Intake Assessment

The journey begins with an initial Zoom meeting between the parent or guardian and the psychologist. This session is dedicated to gathering background information and setting goals for the intake assessment. Please be aware that this session does not take place in Legend Land.

Session 2

First Legend Land Session

This session begins by checking in via Zoom, we then pin Zoom over the top of Minecraft so you and your psychologist can speak to each other while your characters are interacting in the game.

Our adventure begins at the house of Mojo the Mindful, the Great Wizard of Legend Land. Together, we will embark on a tour of Legend Land, exploring its buildings and activities while learning how they can assist in the therapeutic journey. This exploration is designed to build rapport, establish goals, and provide a glimpse into the therapeutic journey ahead.


Treatment Sessions

Subsequent treatment sessions will leverage the therapeutic quests, activities, and flexible areas available within Legend Land. The specific approach will be tailored to each individual’s unique circumstances and goals.



To further support the child’s development, we offer sessions for parents and families. These sessions are aimed at equipping parents with the tools to support their child effectively. Please discuss your interest in these sessions with your psychologist during the first meeting or at any point thereafter.